Junkyards “Achievement Chart” for Kids Club and Under 16’s


Junkyards Achievement chart

 Here at Junkyard we have started up a achievement chart for kids club, and under 16’s night, its something we wanted to do to help motivate and progress all those up and coming little shredders, developing there confidence and encouraging them to challenge themselves in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

There is different levels they need to reach and sometimes they might be set goals but it will all be based on each individual and what we feel will suit them best to grow within Bmxing, skating, scooters, every time they visit Junkyard they will be given a star to put on there personal chart, once all stars are collected in their level they will receive a certificate of achievement and go onto the next level, as the levels go up it gets more challenging.

 We want to try and encourage the youths to progress with new skills and mainly build on there confidence along the way. This chart is also designed to help them with setting there own goals to achieve and keep them motivated to move forward with learning at each visit to the park and use new skills wherever they go.

 If this is something you and your child might be interested in , please enquire next time you Visit and we will be happy to get them set up and started.

Thanks, Team Junkyard.