We are very chilled here at junkyard and coming to a skatepark is all about having fun and meeting new people but please be respectful of other riders, you are all here to do the same thing ride and have fun.






– Skate and ride at your own risk. We will not be liable for injuries made.
– Constent forms must be signed and if you are under 16 years of age this must be done by a parent/guardian you will not be aloud to ride or skate if this is not done.
– The Park is open 7 days a week subject to change by the management without prior notice.
– No loitering outside the premises, the car park or surrounding areas.
– No Skateboarding/BMX/Scooter outside the skate arena, premises, car park or surrounding areas.
– Skateboarding/BMX /Scooter at your own risk.
– All Skateboarders/BMX/Scooter can apply for a membership card and provide their own safety equipment. Alternatively we will rent safety equipment .
– Any person using another member’s registration card to gain access to the Skate Park, will result in the membership being terminated for the cardholder, and both named persons will be refused entry to the park for a period of 4 months.
– Safety equipment must be worn at all times, to include a helmet, knee and elbow pads etc.. ,however we can not force you to do so, but failure to do so will be at your own risk.
– In the event of an emergency or personal injury, please report incident to a senior member of staff immediately. All Members involved in the incident must discontinue skating/riding until directed by staff.
– No food or beverages allowed in the ramp area.
– The Skate Park by law is a no smoking policy.
– No destroying or defacing private property.
– – respect to all females staff or users of the park, they are equal and treated any different will lead to been banned for the foreseeable future.
– Members must follow the instruction from staff at all times.
– – no rudeness or disrespecting staff, this will lead to been banned for 4 months period
– In the event of a dispute between users the decision of a senior staff member is final.
– Recklessness, horseplay, foul language, not listening to staff or any inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated, and will subject you to be removed from the park.
– If any inappropriate behaviour continues for a specified period of time senior staff has the right to terminate the membership at their own discretion.
– The senior staff, reserve the right to limit the number of Members using the facility at any one time to prevent overcrowding and in the interest of

Health & Safety.
– all belongings must be removed from pockets. The park is not responsible for any belongings lost .
– Breach of any of the above rules may result in a ban or the loss of your Skate Park Membership and/or all privileges!


Rules for spectators:-

  • Enter ramp room at your own risk
  • Be aware of uncontrolled equipment been used at all times
  • No prams or push chairs in the ramp rooms
  • Keep to decking area away from the ramps
  • Do not stand on the ramps to spectate
  • Food and drink but be consumed in the tuck shop/chill out area only not in the ramp room